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Got these plants fpr £2 each late July after flowering. Have grown leaves since them but not bushy enough. What should I do with them?


 Any help would be really appreciated



they're too small for me to see and I can't enlarge them, sorry

Can't see first pic. Is that an Acacia in second one?  Yes, names will help in advising about pruning Framces.

I'll try enlarging the pics and repost. The top one is a rock rose - Cistus x caebaeiensis. Other is a lobster claw - Clianthus Puniceus.





 Not sure how to see pics until I post. TThe first lot look big in my view of the post. Are these any better?



Cistus have a reputation for not liking hard pruning. I certainly wouldn't try it at this time of year. I can see why the price was reduced. Tempting though, those reductions.

If it were mine I'd cut about half of those long straggly stems right back, probably after it flowers next year, nd hope it makes new ones from the bottom.  It may not be successful but nothing to lose really. You won't like it much like that.

Can't help with the clianthus, not hardy enough for my garden


I agree with nutcutlet. I had one cistus that I pruned lightly and it snuffed it. I think they like to be in a big area and left alone.

There you go.....plant recognition is not my strength, clearly.  Cistus though best grown as short term plants

I'll go with your advice re Cistus and prune back in spring. I'll move lobster claw to a more sheltered spot and see what happens. Ta for your advice.


RHS suggest prune clianthus by a third, after flowering. Also grow in greenhouse as  only half hardy.

I agree with verdun, Cystus don't like pruning. Take cuttings and replace when they outgrow the space.

Any tips on taking cuttings? When and where from? Ta for help.


Can only comment on Cistus.   Take side shoots some 3" or so long, remove soft tips, strip off leaves leaving just  a couple at the top (if leaves are big then cut fhem in,half or more to create small surface area) cut across the bottommost node.....point where leaves/shoots were removed......and insert cuttings around the rim of 9cm pot.  Add perlite or sharp sand to the compost.   Water well.  Cover with polythene bag and keep inside out of the sun or cover the polythene with folded piece of fleece.  Should root quickly right now.

Ta so much Verdun for your informative comment. Thats my job for tomorrow!


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