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03/02/2012 at 22:29

having read various articles and GW, had planned on going into the garden this weekend to prune my winter jasmine and zebra grass - with the threat of snow should I leave these until weather picks up?

03/02/2012 at 23:10

Should still be ok to do IMHO.

11/02/2012 at 21:42

well, snow came and still hanging around so not been out yet - frightened to cut anything whilst it is still too cold but don;'t want to leave it too late - also have wisteria, caryopteris and buddleia that I have read should be cut this month - any thoughts anyone or should I just sit tight and wait until weather picks up?

12/02/2012 at 00:32
Dont think you will gain anything by going wild with secateurs, except cold hands and plants that wont thank you! If you leave it a little later the shrubs will soon catch up.
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4 messages