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Don't know if anyone has noticed that a certain supermarket are bringing out a range of Ornamental Trees this week.  I'm thinking of getting the Prunus Amanogawa.  However, with limited space...with fruit/veg and flowers already planted in the garden...would I be able to grow the tree over the next say 4 years in a container as an interm measure with transfer directly into a garden after that time period?

I haven't planted/grew a tree before so thought I'd ask before it ended in needless treeacide!




Although it's columnar in shape, it will still get pretty big. It will stand being in a big pot for a year or two, but then I would get it in the ground.


Before you buy it, do a bit of research and find out how big it will be in, say, five years, and you may think again.

Not sure why you will have room for it in the future, but not now. It will not be happy in a pot.


I have 2 ornamental Japanese Cherry trees in large pots (the 3 for £10 ones from Asda). Been there for a number of years. Just keep water in summer and they will be fine. They grow slowly.


I planted a Prunus Amanogawa about 15-20 yrs ago in my front garden.
It got to about 20ft quite quickly (~8-10yrs) but is still no more than 4-5ft wide.
It's a lovely tree when in bloom.
Good luck


This is really useful for me as I have bought a bare root Prunus  Amanagawa a couple of months ago.   I have it in a pot at present, but it is growing apace.  I had also planned to keep it in a pot for a couple of years until it was established enough to go out in the garden, if I do this what sort of soil do I need - anything special.   


Thanks for any advice

I have a small garden and planted one yesterday in the border.  It stands 5'6" and I chose this one because it is columnar.  I thought I would try pruning to keep it at 7'.  I don't know if it will work, but as my byline is, I've every-hopeful!


A pot will dwarf it to some degree. You can prune it and let lower branches take lead. A point of caution on that - it can look obvious where you have pruned for some years.


ever-hopeful, I doubt you will see the elegance /beauty of it if you prune & keep to 7'. I don't know if it will try to spread rather than retain it's column shape.


Many thanks for all of your replies.  I'm left with one question given your comments and that is the size of the container.

Take for example if I were to keep it between 7 to 8 foot in the interim - what size of container would be suitable...i.e. diameter/height.


Gosh, 100 litres is fine. Sounds big but is not! As I said I use the pots from Asda that at 3 for £10.


Oh dear, please don't prune the top out - it'll look horrid and you'll be disappointed 

Ok think I'll use a pot: height: 53.5cm Diameter: 60cm and see how that goes :/

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