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Look what I found flowering in the front garden today.  It's always nice when plants flower out of season.


That's very early Angie. Spring in Autumn.


I love them. I've had them flower later in the year too Angie. Gorgeous little plants - and lovely seedheads too  


Thank you ladies.  Nice to see those awkward comments are gone.


I love seeing the little wild ones in the spring ... there's a place near where my outlaws where your can see them 



In the wild would be a lovely sight DfA.

It is indeed papageno Silver Surfer.  I forgot to put up it's name.  

Mike Allen
Silver surfer says:

Good to see moderators have dealt with the problem.

Thank you.Appreciated.

RHS forums had similar probs with this person.

Even better Angie...this is a special!

Note the multi petals.

It is Pulsatilla vulgaris papageno.

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See original post

 Silver Surfer ?  What problem etc.

Mike Allen

Pulsatilla is a great homeopathic remedy.

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