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hi there! My son wants us to grow our own pumpkins next year.  I've saved some seeds from this year's shop bought one but I'm wondering whether I'd be better off - given that failure is not an option (!) - buying a specific seed variety instead next year?


I'd buy fresh seed next season. The seed you saved could have been from an F1 variety, a hybrid. If so, it won't produce true-to-type but only a version of the parent fruit. Starting with fresh seed next season will not only let you harvest what you sow, but let you decide exactly what you want to grow. There are many pumpkin varieties, different sizes with different growing times. Do some research and choose exactly what suits you.

Steve 309

Definitely agree with that.

If you want enormous ones, plant on an old compost heap, allow only one fruit to develop per plant and feed and water copiously.  I'd grow other plants too and let smaller fruits develop cos they're yummier.


Hi Snoodle

. Mr Chicky has been growing pumpkins for the last couple of years and has had great success with Charmant (see pic below
).  He also tried Atlantic Giant this year, which lived up to its name and got huge, but has much softer skin so got decimated by birds and slugs before we harvested them.  Next year it will be Charmant all the way

 The two weeny ones were from Sainsbugs


David Matthews2

Big "Well done" to Mr Chicky!: may I ask where did you get your 'Charmant' seeds from - I've never heard of that variety before? They certainly look impressive & I take 'slug resistance' fairly seriously as I'm surrounded by limestone walling (where the little b***'s hide out between meals!!!).


I'll go out and check tomorrow David - packet is in the greenhouse and its cold, dark, wet and windy out there.  But from memory it was a Mr Fothergill pack that the one with the cartoon of a smiley man with a hat on???


is this pumkins to eat , or to throw away the edible bit and stick a candle in it?


Ours are definitely the carving type - have no idea what they taste like

 But the Chicklets have fun carving, and OH has fun growing them



David Matthews2

Thanks, Chicky, for your tips - glad you didn't have to venture outside....! I commend the Chicklets on their carving skills too! I'll check out Mr Fothgill shelves more closely in the spring (unless you happen* to have any 'spare' seeds from this year, please??).

*Please pm me if anything available.


Thanks Chicky. Will make a note.  It's for carving for me too, but the innards will be shoved in a stew.


Sorry David - just been to check and it is an empty packet

Snoodle - looking forward to next years pics

David Matthews2

Chicky: No problem - I'll scout the shelves for 'new stock' seeds of MrF's 'Charmant' and see how we get on! [Failure isn't an option from me either; there are two visiting granddaughters who also love carving our 'own grown' pumpkins].

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