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Could anyone assist with locating a variety of cow parsley that has purple flowers?


The only one of which I know is Anthriscus sylvestris 'Ravenswing'


There is certainly a cow parsley relative which has pink flowers and is called Pimpinela. There is also a cow parsley with purple leaves which is Anthrisus Sylvestris Ravenswing.


I may be wrong but I think Ravenswing has white flowers but purple leaves


There is a lovely dark pink one that grows wild in the hedgerow by me.
I was thinking of digging a bit out but wonder if it would take over in the garden.

Thanks for your responses, after a bit more scouting I discovered it was actually Angelica Gigas I was looking for!


That's a good one Steve. Insects love it. needs cold germination but you should be able to buy a plant to start you off.

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