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Evening all

last year whilst attending an open garden for charity (NGS) we saw a stunning geranium called a purple pillow. We have searched for a local supplier to no avail and are uneasy with buying of the internet. Does anybody know of a supplier ideally local to us in wiltshire? 


Hedge nursery and hayloft plants stock purple pillow.  Also check out Cramesbill nursery, I used to get most of my geraniums there.  All mail order.  Hope this helps 

I live up near the Bodmin moor on top of a hill. I have a beautiful cornish dry wall and for the last two years have planted all kinds of plants hoping they would grow.  Once the winter comes and the strong winds set in nothing survives.  I have heard of the Geranium purple pillow and wondered if anybody knows whether this plant would be hardy enough to survive where i live.

Local nursery...west Cornwall, had purple pillow in stock over the summer.  It's pretty tough I think

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