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I love purple,/red foliage and purple flowers in the garden. Cotinus Royal Purple, berberis atropurpureum, acers. Heucheras, pittosporum Tom thumb. Physocarpus Diablo, red grasses, the purple black acteas, etc. etc. And the flowers.....allium Purple Sensation, the near purple salvias, the tall purple lobela ( forget its name at moment), Baptisia Australlis, penstemons, dahlias (not too many) osteospermums, asters etc. They add a richness to the garden tempered by yellow foliage what better?

Blue, blue, blue! Delphiniums, lupins, campanulas, gentians, geraniums, ad infinitum!

What colour are the ad infinitums Swiss sue?

I go more for the 'explosion in a paint factory' palette me....although I suppose that it's all the different greens that hold everything together and prevent it all looking like a complete disaster....


I'm more of a romantic female and I like blues and pinks best. I do have purple, cotinus, berberis, heucheras (such as Palace Purple and Plum Pudding), salvias. Some purples don't like conditions here, hot, dry, windy, limestone, cold winters, eg acers, pittosporum Tom Thumb, acteas, tall red and purple lobelias. I like very dark tulips, like Queen of the Night and Dahlias. I'm trying to do a pastel colour bed and a hot colour bed with reds, yellows, purple, but I like the pastels best.



Brum- with you on the acid green with purples and also green/cream variegation. Heucheras with yellow/cream phormiums (if you get the location right)work well and euphorbias that have red bracts with other red stemmed planting is something I've used. Hot pinks only for me BL! Geranium 'Anne Folkard' is a favourite.Queen of the Night tulips are stunning! White is always a good foil for the dark colours and I like big architectural plants like Fatsia. Iris 'Night Owl' is so inky and velvety you could eat it..

Controversial now - unlike most people I really don't like the blue and yellow thing...sorry! Unless it's dark,purply blue and  very pale yellow/cream!

Pennine Petal
Purples and pinks for me too, although I do love my azalea lutea. I do have. Small patch with some lime green euphorbia and an orange geum, the look lovely together.
Fairy girl cheek out eryngium jade frost. Green n cream variegation and wonderful azure flowers. Next to euphorbia rubra it's an eye catcher all summer long
Purples as isolated colours look great....purple sensation balls in spring, for example, popping up here n there add sumptuousness

The border in the back garden is mainly blues, pinks and whites.

 The front garden is still in the planning stage, but I'm thinking of stronger colours, with some combinations inspired by MD's jewel garden - deep plummy reds, blue-greys and some yellow 'punctuation'.  Still in my head yet, nothing on paper so far.  I think a must-have will be rosa glauca, and some euphorbias - they'll start off the blue/grey - one of my daughter's friend's father bred bearded iris, and she has one called Boxted Spice - I'm going to look at it and see if it's the colour I want - but it might be too 'rusty'.  

Still very much at the ideas stage ............



Verdun, touché! I couldn't think of the names of the others!

I also love my dahlias ranging from dark red to white with pink centres. Actually, my garden is a mixture of colours, but I heart leaps when I see a blue flower!

Verdun wrote (see)
Fairy girl cheek out eryngium jade frost. Green n cream variegation and wonderful azure flowers. Next to euphorbia rubra it's an eye catcher all summer long
Purples as isolated colours look great....purple sensation balls in spring, for example, popping up here n there add sumptuousness

Okay Uncle Verd..will do !

I'm gonna have to move again to a bigger plot at this rate! I used to have the spharocephalon allium with euphorbias and the purply miscanthus varieties along with the A.F. geranium I mentioned. The bed also had those Night Owl Irises and Q of Night tulips and later some of the dark sedums so I had lots of bees and butterflies, and inky purple clematis at the back. The 'Spring Green' tulips look good with that combination as well.

Now then fairy girl/niece....behave! Behave I say!
Your garden sounds very nice indeed. I too enjoy the plants you mention. I find euphorbia rubra best without flowers but it does deteriorate over the years so I take cuttings regularly to keep it.
Swiss sue, I have so many blues in my's amazing how many there are.
I must have 30 or more different blue plants....if I start to count it may be more,than that. Just think how often your "heart leaps" if you had more blue plants.
Dove, I can hear your planning thoughts from here.....we just have to get these things just right, dont we?
Pennine Petal
I love myoriental poppy, it's in totally the wrong place, but I love the splash of red. As I hear they don't like being moved I leave it where is it.

I said above what I'm trying to do, but really I'm a bit of a plantaholic and when I see a plant that says "buy me" I buy it and so my beds are a bit pincushiony. But some plants survive the climate here very well and others don't and it's sometimes not what you think it would be. The experts say buy in 3s and 5s and then you think "Oh that's going to be expensive" so you only buy one. So my beds end up a bit of a mixture of colours. And it changes with the seasons.

Busy lizzie
Occasionally I plant in 3's but, like you, I'm a plantaholic. I search plants, acquire them and then try to associate them
If everything is planted in groups it cuts down on the number and variety of plants we can grow. I'm forever creating new borders as it is



I have a large garden with big borders so always buy perennials in 3s, 5s and 7s but that can be expensive so sometimes I buy just one and try and propagate it or else just go for something cheaper.  generally, the cheaper ones are hardier anyway and I've lost count of how much money has frozen to death in my garden.

As for colours, I dislike acidic yellows so don't have any and I find orange and scarlet hard to work with but am trying them more and more as geums do very well here.  I also get given orange marigold seedlings which I plant in the veggie patch to ward off white fly.  I have a rythm of purple and golden shrubs and trees around the garden with every other colour in patches in between.  Just bought a golden physocarpus which I'm hoping will be as tough as Diabolo and two rich, deep purple hellebores to go in pots with pale, streaky lilac primroses once this perishing wind dies down. 



Much as everyone else really, all sorts of colours, but I also like an all green area such as here, with a touch of hot colour thrown in...  of course these all flower on and off, briefly, but I find it soothing on the eye all year round...



Obelixx - like you I never liked oranges/reds or the acid green/yellows but enjoyed Christopher Lloyd's views so much that I gave it a go and I love those colours now. When they're mixed with the inky colours or different greens they are very effective. Cannas look great with those colours and it's the contrast of shapes as much as anything.

Have I sold them to you?


Not the acids but I'm getting there with oranges and reds and have more planned this summer if we ever get warm enough to sow more seeds.  Window sills crammed now and greenhouse not warm enough yet.

I've tried cannas but by the time spring warms up and they get going here it's so late the cannas only come into flower in time for the first frosts.   Gave up.   Got some dahlias on teh go to see if they do better.



To get maximum impact from blues and purples, plant a bright yellow amongst them for contrast. Luscious.

Group whites together with a few very pale blue and darker blues amonst them, again, maximum impact.