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All the roses with this name now seem to be yellow.  Although we had a pink, fragrant, low growing bush in our garden in Gatley (Nr. Manchester), over 30 years ago which was easy to strike from cuttings and a lovely pale pink. Wondered what had happened to it?


Had a lovely Queen Elizabeth pink rose last year. Is definatey still around

Great, any idea where you bought it?


My one was a freebie from some offer or other, the other this year was from Morrisons - a gift at jubilee time. I would have thought any garden centre etc. Just keep looking



On sotongeoff's link it says no fragrance. I wouldn't want a rose with no fragrance when there so many sweetly scented ones.

Ours was very fragrant, must be another one, will keep looking thks a lot all.

Paul N

'Queen Elizabeth' is a very tall, gawky HT without scent. Beautiful flowers but little or no scent.

flowering rose

I had that rose for years ,very good flowering and hardy but alas it succumbed and died and I failed to take a cutting.

Wasn't this rose a freebie from the GW magazine earlier this year?

brilliant, thank you


I have no sense of smell what so ever, so I would never buy on smell, just looks!

I see people having to bend down to smell roses, so it can only be admired close up,but if a rose is pretty it is admired from near or afar.

Saying that, a bunch of roses keeps me on the right side of my wife !


Just what is it about a rose that makes you want to bury your nose in it?    It is almost a reflex action.    There aren't many other flowers that make you want to do that!

I bought a pink Queen Elizabeth floribunda rose last year to try to match the other roses that are planted in a narrow border at the front of my garden. I wanted them to look the same and think It's fortunate that I picked the right one as this one matches perfectly - think they must all be Queen Elizabeth and it does have a slight fragrance. I would like another one to replace a fuchsia that overhangs the path and I have to keep cutting back so will be visiting the garden centres again - any excuse!


Kathy 2

I had pink roses in my wedding bouquet in 1971. I had seen a picture of "Elizabeth of Glamis" and asked the florist for those or something similar - can't remember if they were fragrant or not.

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