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I was wondering if anyone can help me identify my plant.  It's a scruffy type cacti plant around 8ft tall.  Every year it produces buds from the leaves.  Currently 14 buds are due to open.  Buds take around 3 weeks to grow to around 3 -4 inches and when they are ready they start to curl upwards. Once they start to open in early evening it produce the most beautiful smelling pure white flower.  Size of a tea plate once fully open.  The sad thing is by morning the flower has closed and it starts to die.  We call it the Queen of the Night as it is just spectacular.  Does anyone know its full name? Or has one the same. 


Many thanks Sue

Ive just looked on google images under "night flowering cactus" and the first few pics that come up look like they are this plant, so you could get loads of info if they are. Other than that i cant help because i dont know anything about cacti. 


By the way its a lovely plant

My mum has these cactus plants too , doesnt know the name she calls it her chrysanthimum cactus. But have you googled in..... cactus plants ? It should help you identify this beautiful plant.


Same as above Sue, or you could email the pic to the experts on here, but it still looks lovely, id buy one if i new what it was.

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