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Last year I planted two tall lobelia (one pink and one red) and also a rudbeckia. I'll admit I haven't had either of these before and didnt know what to do at the end of the season other than harvest some seeds (which I have sown now in plug trays) At the end of the season I just cut them all down to the ground. Will they come back or are they all annuals? Thanks in advance x

Both have annual and perennial species miss. Do you remember what the names were?  

Did the red one have bronze foliage. Mine was called queen Victoria! I had a pink one with green leaves and it was a vivid pink, wish I knew the name as I loved it. Took a cutting which is hanging on!

Im growing lobelia cardinalis queen victoria, there still very small in the mini greenhouse but so far still hanging on.

I have 2 of those in the garden. As yet nothing has popped up from the soil!! Praying it comes up.


Mine are also Queen Victoria, in the garden, and are shooting. I covered them in fleece during the winter, as they are a bit tender, and they're on a house wall. Hoping they actually grow!

Perennial lobelias are not fully hardy and some people suggest digging them up and over wintering in a cool greenhouse.

If the Rudbeckias wre a perennial variety it should start sprouting soon.

My green wizard has just started to show. It didn't flower last year with being newly set. Fingers crossed this year
Queen Victoria is a moisture lover. I grow one in my.pool. I grow a purple flowered escapes me, well it's late, ....and again it likes moisture. Both varieties hardy with me....mild here...but they split very easily and make new plants quickly. Neither variety should be grown in dry soil...will simply whither away
Rudbekia Goldsturn, most popular perennial variety, also likes good nutritious soil. As with lobelia it is easily split to make new plants
In autumn or now, I split these plants, pot them up and plant out in early summer to flower later. If not regularly dug up and split the clumps die,out in the centre and spread
Mine should like the soggy clay then!! May split next year if it survives, or would u lift now and try??
Red dahlia, it's hard to,big your plant is, how "alive" it is, etc.....about,splitting right now.
Your soggy clay sounds ok but in future I,would dig up before winter because cold wet ground them would likely cause it to,rot.
Wet soil in summer is fine
It was about 3/4 foot across last year. At the moment just brown twigs!!

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