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I bought a metal arch in the spring and have tried to grow sweet peas up it but had to grow them in troughs and i don't think they are big enough as the sweet peas haven't grown very well and since we had the hot weather last week aren't looking too healthy.

I'd really like to grow something up my arch, preferably something evergreen and that will cover it asap.

Any suggestions?

What about a couple of winter-flowering clematis?     Such as Freckles?     I planted these last summer, and although they didn't grow very high, they did flower last November through to the spring.    This summer they have put on a lot of growth and virtually meet in the middle of the arch now.


Can you grow Freckles with roses?

I grow a Pair of honeysuckles either side of my arch. The scent is superb. They grow quite quickly, flower for ages and semi evergreen. They have been there for 3 years and have completely joined at the top and smother the arch.

Clematic and roses, honeysuckle too, all grow well on arches and are happy to share the space.     I am planning to plant the rose, Shropshire Lad on my arch this autumn.    Anyone know any reason why I shouldn't?

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