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I want to plant a couple of rhodis or azaleas in my garden, but as they are expensive, I think they will only be around 2' high when I buy them.  Do I plant them at the back of the border and expect them to double their size in 5 years, or are all varieties slow growing and should be put in the middle of the border?


If you look on the labels when you choose them, it will say eventual height and over how many years, internet sites will be the same. they are all different, some azaelias stay small for pots others grow huge, none grow particularly fast, its best to read the labels.


I bought a few Azalea from Morrisons and Homebase last year. The Morrisons one was £5 I think and it has trebled in size to about 50cm by 70cm.

Rhoddies grow large and fast - esp pontus.

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blairs...think you mean Rhododendron ponticum.

On no account plant this is an invasive shrub .

It costs the country millions trying to irradicate it.

It smothers all our native wild flowers.


Quote from wiki...


Invasive species

Suckering of the root, together with its abundant seed production, has led to it becoming an invasive species over much of western Europe and in parts of New Zealand. Rhododendron control, or "rhodie-bashing", is a key element in nature conservation in those areas.3] Conservation organisations in Britain now believe R. ponticum has become "a severe problem" in the native Atlantic oakwoods of the west highlands of Scotland and in Wales, and on heathlands in southern England, crowding out the native flora.4] Clearance strategies have been developed, including the flailing and cutting down of plants with follow-up herbicide spraying. Injection of herbicide into individual plants has been found to be more precise and effective.5]



Blairs. I dont like to disagree but I have a number of Rhodes and in 10 years they have probably only doubled in size.

Obviously there are many species but, the majority are slow growing.

punkdoc wrote (see)

Blairs. I dont like to disagree but I have a number of Rhodes and in 10 years they have probably only doubled in size.

Obviously there are many species but, the majority are slow growing.

It depends on where you live. If you live in an area with poor dry sandy soil or alkali soil, then they will be crap. If you have rich acidic soil with wet weather, then they are rampant.


I bought two Rhodes from Morrisons last year and planted them in pots and they've more than doubled in size and have flowered beautifully this year. I also bought an Azelia which has grown really well but no flowers yet but not sure if it's flowering time for that yet anyway? 

Rhodos and azaleas grow fairly quickly I think but vary from variety to variety. 

Happy, I wouldn't put them at the back of the border....they usually won't be large for many years. 

I would plant them mid to front. They are easy to transplant later anyway. I know they are expensive but I would choose carefully.....decide on projected protential size, whether ??ou want deciduous or evergreen azaleas, whether you want large or small leaves, whether you want variegation or not.

Not all small plants need to be at the front of a border.  A nice dwarf rhodo mound there looks great alongside typical front-rowers

I too have bought from Morrisons , They are very good value ( I find almost every shrub is reasonable and very good quality . The ones I bought last year had put 4 inches to each Branch  before I had them planted. The new foilage is the lighter green .They need erecacius compost , and lots of soft rainwater.You cant ever overwater them.let us know what you end up buying .- the scented ones are beautifull.


Yes you can overwater.  a neighbour has done just that over the winter.....dead plant.  ESP in pots or in the shade.

If a particular variety or colour is required it is worth considering paying a little bit more.  But, I agree morrisons, lidls etc provide fantastic value.  I have a couple of shrubs from Lidl and they have been excellent 

Thanks for all the feedback everyone!  I'm off to Morrisons to see what they have. I'd never thought of going there for plants, although my neighbour always gets his geraniums from them and they seem to be very healthy and floriferous!


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