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hi,our neighbours garden is about four foot higher than ours and they have decided to raise it another foot , remove the fence and replace it with railings.This has left us with no privacy,can anyone sugest any shrubs thay are quick growing,attractive and safe for kids that we can plant?


A lot depends on soil conditions, aspect, how much work and TLC you are prepared to put in Lunar.  To give you a start - Choisya ternata (Mexican orange blossom) grows to be a good sized shrub and will tolerate hard pruning if needs be.  Physocarpus diabolo (burgundy leaves) or Darts Gold (yellow/very light green).  Cotinus coggygria (Smoke bush) - burgundy or green versions.

thanks PaulaH,I'll look into them.  We have clay soil so it holds water quite well even though its on quite a slope,gets some sun in the morning but never full sun, the main issue is with wind ,had climbers in before attached to the fence with trellis .

Hollies grow quickly once they are established. Or,standard trees, such as apples, which grow from the top of a long straight stem, would give you instant height and let you plant flowers under them.

Oh no not hollies. Mine were rescue 50 p plants a god few years ago. They did grow well with a little tlc but the dropped leaves are devils. Been tidying up in the garden today and if a leaf problems you it really hurts. Maybe they are good in a large garden but in a family garden I wouldn't use them.


It depends on the holly. There are dozens of varieties to choose from and they don't drop their leaves if they find the right conditions. Plus they have berries if they are female, so the birds enjoy them.


I think all hollies will drop leaves at some point, they may be evergreen but don't keep leaves for life!  Maybe there are some non spiny types that would suit but whichever type - the leaves don't rot down at all well plus the trees create so much dark shade under them that its difficult, if not impossible, to plant underneath them.


How about Sambucus? An array of colours to choose from, love wet feet so will romp away in your soil and want to be 10/15 ft tall but can be pruned to any height you want. Wide as well so great coverage.



... and choyosia, both green and gold, which flower with a lovely perfume, escalonia needs little work and gets nice than thick and fowers well, quince, sold as chanomeles, pretty and eventually fruitful, red/black and blue berries, good crops as well  - etc. etc. etc. Have fun. 


cotoneasters like C. lacteus are good and reliable

thanks for all your advice,going to opt for choisya,sambucus and a couple of escalonias x


Escallonias usually need quite good drainage so just add plenty of grit if your soil's a bit heavy lunar. The dogwoods (Cornus) are good too for filling a space. 

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