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Hi All,

I planted some Glads about a week ago and left them on the decking. I know there is a frost due in the NW in the next day or so and I know that Glad corms are classed as tender bulbs. Will they be okay left outside since they are not nearly ready to sprout? And since they are under a few inches of compost? Some are in clay and some are in plastic pots? 

Sorry if this is a silly question - still learning lots!



The only silly question is the one you don't ask.

They'll be fine 


I find that gladioli are hardier than one is lead to believe. I have some that have lived outside for years.

Thankyou so much, this is such a positive, welcoming forum

Thanks again,



Had some that I planted  on my allotment, they have been underwater and covered in snow some years but they still come back. You should be fine.

Haha Debby, that is very encouraging!  

I put some in for one of my customers in the front garden and they come up every year.

That's good news looking forward to some lovely gladiolis this year then,


Jim Macd

A Gladioli shower on GW said it's fine to leave them, so why showers dig them up I don't know?? Maybe they’re just really, really cautious or they just like digging up bulbs? I don't know.

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