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Quinces and Eucalyptus in Pots - has anyone tried it?

Will full-size quinces (not Chaenomeles) grow in a pot

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I'd love to grow quinces for making jelly and flavouring, but haven't room for another fruit tree - would they be OK in a pot/ survive the winters?  Ditto Eucalyptus,for flower arranging -  I grew it before but found it difficult to keep a nice shape from the speed it grew and amount I had to prune off.  Could it survive in a pot?  The aim with both plants would to be to stunt the growth a bit and keep them under quite close control - the quince for fruit and the Eucalyptus for the juvenile foliage.

Get Sibley's patio quince

Can you chop back eucalytus as you would do willow? Then you would get the fresh nice foliage? Seem to think you might be able to? Anyone?


Yes Liz - cutting eucalyptus back keeps the shape and colour of the foliage. Many people don't like it because of that - it can grow a lot in one season - but I've had several eucalyptus and had no issue  with them. I grew them as a kind of hedge along a fence from my back door in a previous garden, mainly to give a bit of privacy to a neighbour as my house was higher, and it did the job well. I kept them clipped to about 4 feet.

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