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I need a very fragrant, rambling rose, preferably yellow or cream.  Also I 'd like it to be evergreen (is sthis possible?), disease resistant and repeat flowering.  Am I asking too much.  I'd welcome any advice.




You can have everything you ask for except  totally evergreen.  

How big does it need to be?  Does it have to be a rambler?  One of my favourite roses is Buff Beauty, which is a creamy yellow hybrid musk rose which  grows into a very large bush or can be used as a climber.  Here are some pictures of it

It has a strong musk rose perfume which it 'casts on the air' especially on a warm evening.  It is disease resistant and has dark green glossy foliage which it does hang onto for most of the year.  I love this rose.

Try sending off for the david austin catalogue free of charge 01902 376300.  Just received mine and its a lovely read with many pictures/hints/tips on all sorts of roses. 

Many thanks.  Buff Beauty look wonderful and I will give it a go.  I will also get hold of the catalogue - should have thought of that!


Thanks for putting me onto that, I had a look and found some beautiful roses.  I'm spoilt for choice now!

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