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another progress thread

this time its raspberry .. tulameen. i bought this in january reduced from B&Q - £3 for 5 canes. i potted them up as seen, 2x in a 46cms pot, 1 tulameen cane and 1x autumn bliss cane in each pot.

theyve put on decent foiliage growth from zero, although these are from suckers from the main/old cane. how do they look? this is my first raspberry growing attempt so i have no idea how they should be looking now:




They look fine - that's what they do, send up new growth from underground.  They could probably do with a bit of water, compost in bottom pic looks a bit dry - and have your worked out how you're going to support them - they'll get quite top heavy and blow over unless you have some system sorted out. 


Did you chop em down to soil level? I'd love to know if they are at the right level of growth too.

My first time with rasps as well. I think I've dropped a clanger with mine....I thought that all the canes were just one plant.... does anyone think I should separate them or just leave them be..... Ta 




Hi there. Dove, it might not be visible from the pic but yes i have cane supports that i put in when planting them. its been very sunny today but very heavy rain yesterday, so they should be quite moist but i have given them a little water after taking the photos anyway to be sure.

tootles, i split my canes up, and cut them down to around where you see them now - about 2-4 inch above soil level. not sure what to suggest with yours being planted together, hopefully someone with more knowledge can advise. at a guess they might struggle to grow strongly and might just be a smaller clump of weaker growth ?

What an interesting thread. I was thinking of getting some autumn fruiting raspberries but haven't dug over the part of the plot where they are to be planted. I'm thinknig they could be planted in pots and then transplanted later...   


Zoomer, as they go dormant and send out suckers im sure transplanting them wouldnt be a problem. but ..someone with more expertise may come and burst my bubble on that one

in any case, plant them when dormant, which is November - March.

I'm hoping they can be transplanted.

Raspberries are shallow rooting if you put a barrier in the ground around then,which is deep enough, this prevents the roots from migrating into a veg bed.


I'm sure you can transplant them! Raspberries always find a way to grow!! Haha!

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