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hello can  anyone tell me if there a flower/plant/shrub/tree called is very important x

Why not try RHS Website, and use the plant finder search.


Spelling correct? if it is sorry cant help

There are so many wonderful colloquial names for plants, especially medicinal ones and ones with other specific uses. Some have dozens of names. For example, plants have often been named after Saints because they have healing properties. If you've heard the name used somewhere it is quite possible that it is a local term, so you need to ask someone from the area where you think you heard it. If you are looking to obtain such a plant, perhaps to honor a person of that name, you might also try Wikipedia - they mention a number of colloquial plant names that you won't find in formal classifications. Good luck!

i don;t know, maybe you can sreach on the internet

Good morning. Yes! There is a shrub, an azalea, called Aiden Satsuki Azalea. It's a small rhododendron with purple flowers and white edges. Flowers from May to June. Hope that helps. I googled the name Aiden + flower and this is what came up. Also images of the shrub too. Looks very pretty.

Well done Susan 6 for finding it!

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