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Hello, I am looking for evergreen flowering shrubs to infill within the borders. Ground covering not wanting to use.. Recommendations please?

I look forward to hearing from you.


Hebe, choisya (easy to keep small), prunus lauroceros "otto luytens"


What sort of sizes, area you're trying to fill  and what aspect etc Sarah? Auntie betty has some good suggestions there already. If you've not got chalk there's plenty of rhodies and azaleas of all sizes and colours.

choisya...two types, the usual green form and the lovely  bright yellow type called Sundance.  wonderful scent from flowers of orange/vanilla.

agree with sarcoccoca but lonicera winter beauty is an evergreen winter scented shrub.  berberis darwinnii is a bigger evergreen shrub with orange flowers in spring.  rosemary too but look out for the bright blue flowering types.  some of the heathers grow quite tall...Alberts Gold, for example, has golden evergreen foliage and white slightly scented spring flowers. some of the hebes have coloured foliage...purple, red, blue, grey as well as variegated varieties and all flower well. camellias, azaleas, rhododendrons, pieris, andromeda etc are all evergreen with spring flowers.  photinias....nice dwarf ones now with red new growth and white flowers. teuchrium azureus is a small grey evergreen shrub with bright blue summer flowers.  bigger and wider is senecio greyii....silver grey foliage and yellow flowers. myrtles too...a variety called Glengleam Gold has yellow and green leaves and white scented spring flowers.

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