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Hi everyone. This is my first post on here goes! I live in the cold damp north and followed some advice recently to keep the leaves on the red hot poker through the winter to protect the crown. It has worked beautifully but now I have been left with a huge mound of ugly dying leaves which seems to have outgrown everything else. Can anyone suggest how I can manage this now that spring is finally appearing? Thank you everyone.
hollie hock

Do you have any green growth? I'd be tempted to cut off the dying leaves

Yes lots and lots of it, but it's all dead at the ends. There is a ton of it though!
It's all half dead really, but looks green underneath. I think there are probably several plants all together. It is at least 1.5 m square!
hollie hock

I find them hardy here, if it looks like it's got new growth coming through I would cut off the dead leaves to allow light to get in.

I got a small one last year and split it into three


How did you split it?
hollie hock

I just pulled it apart, it divided really easily into 3 pieces and just popped them  in the ground. Only one had a go at flowering last year but should get flowers off all three this.


That sounds simple enough! Thank you.

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