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If they are in the ground leave until November and then the flower spike will be easy to pull out. The greenery, just grab a handful and pull. Do this all around the plant and you will be left with a tidier plant. I've been doing this for 10 years and none of the platns have died.

I live in the north and planted a red hot poker last year and had about 12 flowers on it cutting the dead ones off for more to grow and noticed when i've giving it a good watering it seems to help more flowers come as I read somewhere that they need plenty of water. For some reason it flowered in red and yellow first then green and yellow, is this normal or have I two plants in one?

I live in the cold North of England.  I've had a red hot poker plant in my garden for absolutely years and it did nothing.  We cleared everything to put up a new fence and got rid of a lot of overgown shrubs.  It's more open now and what with the lovely summer we've had guess what, the red hot poker was amazing this year.  Loads of flower heads, 'tho like others, not for long.  Now I'm left with long, hanging, untidy leaves.  I'll tie them up as suggested to protect the plant over the winter and then I might try cutting right back in the Spring to make it tidier. I've seen nicer plants than mine but I don't want to loose it. Fingers crossed.

Lazy Gardener


I think you leave the flowers untill Jack frost has been at them.


We live near Eastbourne in the South East and have got red hot pokers which have flowered and multiplied every year for about 30 years.  We were up to about 25 flowers a couple of years ago.  Last year nothing happened though and this year is looking the same.  All the roots have got more exposed, because of all the rain I think, and also because of the warm winter all the weeds started growing round them extra early so I had a good session getting them all up a few weeks ago, but they just look very sad and snails are eating them. 

Any ideas what might be the matter?

Cheers Christine


I have a red hot poker plant right in the centre of my front garden and it looks fabulous. But, the flowers die as soon as they bloom?!?!?! 

I have seen some in gardens that bloom all summer. 

Anyone have any ideas why mine die or is this normal? 


Mine are like that, as soon as its fully open, its starting to fade. Maybe when the plant is big it will throw up more flowers over the growing period.

It says above to dead head but I did that last year and no more grew. 

Only a couple of days ago I notice two growing through some shrubs we put in 7 years ago. We have not planted them! Also after giving a hedge a very severe cut as it was bulging out over the path, we discovered some Solomon's seal we didn't know we had!


Red Hot Pokers are superb plants but the flower spikes aren't particularly long lasting in my experience.  I think you need to have something else which will take over and flower whilst the Pokers die down.

Thank you Philippa at least I know mine are normal  



..I wonder if anyone here likes Yellow Hot Pokers... I couldn't resist these that I got today from a nursery near me...that sells wholesale and retail, so they were quite cheap compared to garden centres..£3 each.. I bought 3 and was really pleased with that...

...these are not normally plants that I buy but this variety is fairly new to this country... Kniphofia 'Lemon Popsicle'.... bred by the excellent Terra Nova nurseries at Oregon U.S... this one flowers from late June to September/October... as it continues to produce flower spikes after the old ones have died off... and each spike is supposed to last from 2 to 4 weeks... is claimed to be a much superior variety to the better known 'Little Maid'...which is often grown here...


Hello everyone..I live in northern New , USA and would like some advice on dividing red hot pokers.  I'm definitely a novice gardener and am happy to have a growing population of babies around my mother plant.  Do I dig up the entire plant and divide it?  Very dry and windy this June so I am watering daily during the bloom and see more flowers on the way.  I will dead head in hopes that it will extend the flowering season.


Hello.. northern New...Hampshire...?? or New Mexico...? time to divide these is in you might expect..depending on your conditions..obviously when it's starting to warm up a bit...

...yes  you dig up the whole plant and chop it in half.... you might get another division from it... they do need really well drained conditions if you suffer cold winters...full sun...with some moisture in summer... I won't be letting mine dry out too much..

 Salino.....yes I like the Yellow pokers too........I asked for some varieties earlier this year on the forum and Lemon Popsicle was one which was recommended.  Yours looks to be doing wonderfully well

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