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Hello every one, I was looking back through some threads on the topic and can remember my Father inlaw completely pruning back a red Robin so hard not a leaf was left on it, it did come back again but I also remember the trunk and branches being alot thicker than mine and possible it was a different variety?

I have read that it is best to cut these back hard in the growing season and feed well with bone meal, Can anybody advise whether it is ok to prune these back as my Father inlaw or should I err on the side of caution.

I don't really want to lose the Robins as they blot out the horrble terraced houses opposite and give privacy too, but I am perched on a ladder pruning now and they are getting rather leggy and bare beneath.

Many thanks.


You can prune these hard,but I have never cut back as hard as you say.I also prefer not to cut back when they are at their best with all the red foliage,but this is a matter of choice.

I have never used bone meal on mine ,since it was originally planted.

Thanks GillyL,

I think the best time is when the Red leaves start to bronze and dull, then for a feed up and prune, I thought it was a strange choice Bone meal because surely that will take ages to Nourish the Plant?

I was astonished when I saw the Red Robin my Father in Law pruned, I didn't expect it to recover at all to be Honest, I didn't explain I lost my Father in law to Cancer a couple of years ago so thats the reason I am after advice, he was a Farmer and loved his Garden, he was very knowledgble and did part time gardening for extra work when he needed too.



Toby, would you say to prune it now or a bit later?

best to prune now rather than later in the summer.  plants have an "urge" to grow very quickly this side of mid summer.  after the longest day they seem to shoot more slowly in my experience

bone meal is not a fertiliser I use.  it is slow ok for long term shrubs etc.... and does not provide anything to encourage rapid growth.  For immediate quick growth a balanced feriliser is needed.  fish blood and bone, with the blood providing the nitrogen, is good for this. or even gromore as an artificial alternative


Many Thanks for that Verdun, Lyn,  it is me after the advice lol, but I have read that it is ok to prune in the growing Year as Verdun replied.


Several threads on this Lyn particularly about pruning.You can prune now,as Verd says.

Just as an experiment I have pruned back hard one stem from the main root ball, so see what happens

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