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i popped into a B&Q earlier tonight and they had a load of reduced plants. wondered if they were worth a punt. they had a raspberry autumn bliss - see pic below:

they also had some box, a climbing rose, blackcurrant, blackberry, loads of stuff.





any good?

Orchid Lady
I bought a houseplant from B&Q a few weeks ago, ??2.50 just because it had a couple of yellowing leaves, I cut them off and it is lovely, a great bargain Might pop down to my local B&Q tomorrow and see what's on offer.

The rose looks fine to me - I'd buy that if it was one I wanted.  

The raspberry canes look ok too.

I woudn't bother with the box or the lavender - don't look terribly healthy from here.


Roses definitely look good, would grab them!

Stacey Docherty

I bought some primroses a tray of 6 for 2.50 from b&q the other week a little bit and TLC and they are fab now planted them out next week and already they are flowering...... Give it a go 


Whilst being used as a 'mums taxi' I often do a bit of late shopping and have bought fab plants at next to nothing in Homebase. I'm always amazed how well they grow! My gem recently was a bare root xmas tree which has settled nicely in the garden.


Those lavenders look as sick as the ones in my greenhouse



but can they be saved nutcutlet?

sadly i remember the label on the rose being named 'assorted' so no idea what that might turn out to be. 


I don't know djjjuk.

I buy plants from the nearly dead stands sometimes, there have been successes and failures


I've bought from reduced in B&Q done it on a Wed's so even more off.

Had a look in my book, best was Scabiosa Barocca a pound, paid 90p, still got a few flower heads on and coping well in the garden. It has had a mulch for winter

Also got Caryopteris heavenly blue for same price, that's in GH looking like a sad twig.

I'd just give the lavenders a bit of tlc. The rose is fine just need to tidy the pruning up,

as long as the roots look good in the others, turn the pots out to see, then all of them should come back with some care.

Most of the plants the stores sell are over watered/under watered and not kept in ideal conditions, but any reasonable gardener came nurse them back to health. 

Orchid Lady
I've nursed plants back to health from B&Q a few times, if I can do it anyone can

Bargain I picked up this time last year, 2 sedums for 25p each, both looked dead (or on their way out), I could see some green coming through at the bas of the plants so I took a punt.  absolutely huge plants loads of flowers.  complete steal!



Got a very large, sad thyme from B&Q last year for 50p; all it needed was plunging into water to revive


Lavender and box always look rough at this time of year especially if they are pot bound and neglected.  If they are cheap then you could repot them and leave them until spring, might be worth a punt.  The compost they usually use is cheap and they exhaust the nutrients or have them washed out by rubbish watering.



half my garden has been filled with B&Q bargains including some nice shrubs which have really filled out. occasionally i do see something reduced with no sings of life, but I've done well with the ones I've bought, as long as there's some sign of life, it's worth getting it and with a little TLC it'll soon be on its way.

I've also had trays of primroses (6 or more) for 30p, so if one or two don't make it, it's hardly a problem. last autumn i got a poorly looking clematis for 99p which has since perked up. Love B&Q! 

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