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Jean Genie

I have a small collection of these and  one of them developed black leg ( I think ) so before the whole plant died I took some cuttings. I usually pot these up but this time I decided to propagate them in water as I have done previously with the common pelargoniums . It's now been a month and even though the cuttings are still green and healthy, there are no signs of any roots. Has anyone tried this method with Regals or  shall I resort to potting them up ?

Thanks, Jean.



I think that method works better for soft wood cuttings rather than vegetative -as for pelargoniums I seem to recall the advice is that they root better if the cut has dried off for a few hours-so leaving them in water won't help that and also I feel if there is no sign of root now the next thing is they will just go soft and mushy

I would try rooting them now in the usual way-but it may be too late

Jean Genie

Ok, Thanks Geoff - I'll see what happens when I pot them up .  Hope I don't lose them , I haven't got any '' spares'' of this variety.

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