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Is it too early to repair the lawn with grass seed as the grass is really in need of repair and there is more mud than grass after all the rain we have had.It was 16° today and I thought maybe it woild be ok to start sowing


Where are you situated?- it does help if you give a bit of info on your profile page

Still a bit early-when you see the grass growing-which it isn't here just yet-then you can consider sowing -April is always a good time.

It is set to get colder -don't let a few mild days fool you

I would wait


I'd wait until Spring's really kicked in. We still got frosts - this will kill any new growth. Temps need to be roughly similar, both night and day. And besides it's still offically winter, Spring starts 20th March.


 we won't get any more frost. I am 5 km out side Paris in Sevres and the daffs are starting to bloom but as you advise I will wait a bit longer


Is it that warm near Paris? I'm way south of you in Dordogne and we get frosts in March and April, sometimes snow in March.



Grass seed likes nice warm damp soil so let it really warm up a bit - I sowed mine last autumn on patches where we'd had large skips most of the summer - it germinated well and you'd hardly know there'd been three big bare rectangles there - by the time it's had a few mowings you won't be able to tell (fingers crossed).

Good luck  


Busy lizzie you are in the country side but we are surrounded with houses and concrete and a  and my garden is protected with pollution But really we had some snow last month just enough to build a snowball !


Centuri, we had enough for several snowmen!

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