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I would like to move my Hebe (Wiri Mist) and wondered if anyone could advise me how easy/dificult it might be, ie, are they deep/shallow rooted? do they take kindly to being moved? etc,

If you move it now and keep it well watered they aren't difficult to relocate. Add a bit of organic material to the planting hole and it should be fine, dig your planting hole first so the process is quick.

David Matthews2

Meomye: I have found that giving the hebe a 'haircut' at the time of moving helps reduce the shock effect. [The cuttings get bobbed in along the side of the planting hole and can act as a safeguard should disaster strike the main subject]. (What I call 'belt & braces' gardening). [In the past I've treated Wiri Charm in this manner and it's always responded well, so far].

Thankyou for replies.

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