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We have a tree in the garden that we are looking to prune (reduce the height), but we are not sure what type of tree it is, and hence when the best time to do it would be. I have attached a photo of the leaves.


Might be Ginkgo biloba.   Sorry, can't help about correct pruning time.  About now covers lots of trees & shrubs - beginning of dormancy and before cold weather/frosts do their damage.


Leaf looks like Gingko. I don't think there is anything else with a leaf that shape.

Prune after leaf fall, but before spring when the sap starts rising.


I think it would be a shame to prune a gingko.  Maybe wrong tree in that place.



I saw one kept as a multistemmed bush in a garden I visited. I think you'd have to start of like that though, not cut back a grown tree.

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