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advise please, not long been in this house ,we have a Rhodadendem (even spell check didn't recognise my spelling) its about 5 feet tall and wide and is growing from a large stump cut down probably years ago its a little lacking in the amount of branches it has but looks healthy and is starting to bud,Now can i get it to be a little bigger and more bushy without it growing too tall ,when and how to prune and feed,it sits beside a hedge but has no other competition ,also it doesn't get hardly any sun due to the position of our house front garden north facing, back gardens great lots of sun but that don't help this Rhody so apart from my carp spelling any help please, 

Alina W

If your rhododendron doesn't get any sun it's likely to always be a little drawn. They don't need any pruning, but if you want to make it shorter and bushier cut back one third of the branches to ground level after flowering for three years - that will produce lower shoots. Also, feed it well with ericaceous feed in spring - that should give it a lift.

More information here.


AlinaW is ericaceous a brand or a description of a feed iv not heard of it before and cheers for the good advise it all helps,the reason we dont get front garden sunshine is the council have a huge tree overlooking and next to our property a Maple i think and its still full of leaves which has started to fall on our garden ,still i,ll collect them for the allotment  so many thanks


Alan-ericaceous feed is a type of feed for acid soil loving plants-you can also buy ericaceous compost




many thanks for that its all go from now on


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