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Jess is in the Garden

Mine's in a very large pot, soil's in the shade and plantin the sun most of the day.

It's doing really well and is a variety which doesn't need forcing.

There are some fab bright red stems, about 25cm long now.

Is this is good length to cut them off at or should I wait longer?



It's often advised not to cut any stems if the plant's in its first year, after that twist off a few but don't take them all, and stop cropping by about July.


Yes, sort of a twisting pull or a pulling twist - it should come right out of the sort of socket at the base of the plant, not leaving a stump.  If it does leave a stump then pull it out to avoid rot setting in.  It's not hard, you'll get the hang of it.  

Then when you've pulled your rhubarb just twist the leaves of straight away and put them on the compost.  The leaves contain oxalic acid which is not good for us, so take them off immedately, and enjoy your rhubarb 


Jess is in the Garden

Had our first crumble of the season yesterday - 3 long stalks of rhubarb from our pot - why is it that it tastes even better when you grow it yourself!

Twist/pull went very well Dove


Hurrah!  That's another skill you've got 

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