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I will be giving up my allotment next year and would really like to take my 2 Rhubarb plants with me. 

However I do not have the space in my garden for them. Will they grow ok in containers. I would welcome any advice please.



They will if you can make them big pots, give them very rich compost to grow in, feed them every spring and water regularly.


I did exactly the same thing jen16 and the result was rubbish. Got a couple of spindley stalks and that was all. After 3 years I ended up doing some 'gorilla' gardening along a thin strip of land next to our drive and took them out of the pots and planted them back in the ground. The result was fantastic. More rhubarb than I know what to do with. 

Thanks for the info. Will have to have a think what to , have still got some time yet  before next April.


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