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i just found what i'm sure must be a rosa rugosa hip in the bottom of the pram that i picked up off the ground (from near a lot of rosa rugosa!) from a country park in dorset when we visited in laws,i've just put it on the windowsill, i'd like to try to grow from seed, how should i go about it?


You can sow them now and leave them outside or sow them in late winter rosemummy. They're very easy and flower very quickly. Half my last lot flowered in the first year from seed.

The most prolific germination of rose seeds I've had was after making rosehip wine. Boiling water poured on the hips, soaked for about a week and then tipped on the garden. Next spring, a mini forest of rose seedlings

wow! thanks nut, probably won't be making the wine but i may well soak them though they'll have to be in pots, i'd forget where i put them otherwise!


I do mine in pots RM. Too weedy here to do otherwise 



Hi Nut Can you expand on that r/hip wine you do as we get loads of big hips as there lining our outside of the garden and are a cracker of a rose ,id love to do something with them,also if i want to grow from seed do you let the hips dry out  or straight from the hip of the bush cheers 


Alan that's going back so far. I'll see if I can find the recipe.It wasn't that great and you might like to add something else to it. A bit 'rose hip syrup with a bite'


many thanks Nut cheers ,raining in Norfolk


I forgot, I need reminders all the time


Hi Alan

My measurements were never very accurate but it's about 2lb of fruit and a bag of sugar to the gallon.

Crush the hips and put them in a lidded container (I had a 5gall brewing bucket), cover with boiling water and leave for a day. Next day and the yeast and sugar and anything else that's going in. One of my recipes said an orange and a lemon but I don't think I used them. Mix it all up and leave for a week, then strain into an air-locked fermenter. 

This is the point where all those seeds go on the garden.

I don't like sweet wines, my recipe says 3lbs of sugar but that's too much for my taste.

Enjoy it

Careful what you wish for RM, they are beautiful thugs

When we moved here 7 years ago the local youth were using the garden as a short cut (the fence had fallen down).  I replaced the fence but they climbed over it, so I planted a Rosa rugosa hedge, plus a Rosa moyesii in the far corner of the garden, as a gentle hint that my garden didn't have a public footpath running through it.  Did the trick...    Now lots of passers-by admire the scent of the flowers, and the luscious shiny fruit.   

But yes Bekkie, they are thugs...

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