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Hiyu back in the summer i purchased a beautiful lilac rose called Twice in a bluemoon.

I potted it up into a large pot and more buds appeared - of which are just about to open and to my surprise - are pink.

Could this the pink rose be relative to the change in our the temperature?

Hello Cia, did it ever have any lilac flowers or was i mislabelled in the shop?


One of my roses Handel changes colour later in the season. Earlier in the season it is white with pink edges and now it is pure cream. 


Hi, when i puchased it - their were two lilac blooms - then as they died it was bloomless for two months and then this week 4 buds have emerged and this how the pink arrived.

Punkdoc your rose sounds just devine.



As puncdoc says, sometimes roses change colour a bit with the seasons. Sometimes one shoot changes colour and the rest of the plant stays the same. This is known as a sport and is one way of getting a new variety.

If you bought the rose from a reputable dealer and you have checked that the rose you think is Twice in a Blue Moon looks the same as photos of it on websites then it may just be having a little autumn moment.

Wait until next year and, if it is still pink all over, I'd take it back, if you can.


Woodgreen wonderboy

I grow "Winchester Cathedral" in my all white border... imagine my shock when they occassionally had a pink flower. Explanation... one of it's parents is "Mary Rose" which is pink. I now shrug my shoulders, show off my deep knowledge of plant genetics  and enjoy.


I bought a rugosa with single pink flowers last autumn. Earlier this summer it flowered, double, no hips, no bees. Now it's flowering again with single flowers, too late for the bees and probably the hips as well


As they say ` truth is stranger than fiction`  thank you for your kind responses.

Thats what i love about plants - always a surprise in store.

This is my first rose and being relativley new to gardening - i would like to ask the question - in the winter months will the plant hibernate? Also is a bud a hip?

The rose will lose its leaves and "go to sleep" until the spring.

The leaf buds are at the point where the leaves join the stems. Flower buds are at the end of the stems. The hips are where the plant stores its seeds. They are the swollen remains of the flowers. Generally, they are cut off after the flower is finished asthey take   the strength away from the plant. Some roses such as rugosa roses are allowed to keep their hips because they are decorative.


Thank you very much for that piece of information "waterbutts"

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