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I took a cutting from a rose.

What type it is, no-one knows.

It grew no roots but to my disbelief.

It has now sprouted two new leaves.

If I put it in a pot.

Do you think it will grow or not?

Orchid Lady

No idea pottering, but loved the little rhyme, it made me smile 

Some one else will answer the question I'm sure 


Plant your cutting in a pot

And place it in a shady spot

Leave it through the winter snows

And through the March wind's icey throes

With luck when summer's here again

With sunny days and gentle rain

You'll find the pot contains a rose

What type it is, still no one knows.


Thank you Dove for your advice.

I'll go and pot it in a thrice.

I'll leave it be to it's own pace.

'Cause natures course is not a race.

And if one day it is a rose.

I'll smile and think.

Your the Dove that knows.


Only just registered here and this is my first thread to read, are we all a little bit crazy lol love it already guys

Hi NornBlue - of course we're crazy - in the nicest possible way 


Thanks Dovefromabove lol looking forward to the craic and advice

Hello NornBlue. I'm fairly new here too and I can tell you there is a vast amount of knowledge within the membership. I've learned so much already. They're a pretty nice bunch of folk too! 

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