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Jess is in the Garden


This site mentions full sun is needed for Mme A.C., yet I have read posts elsewhere saying it does very well on a north wall - has anyone had any success with it on a north wall and does it repeat flower well?

My fence is about 6ft high and next door neighbour has glorious, huge ceanotus that he's happy for my rose to grow into - I also have a clematis (can't recall which one but paper thin huge pale pink flowers, late summer) on my north fence which it would share with climbing rose.

Ideally looking for a pale pink/darker pink or white climber that flowers also when my clematis is in flower - but would Alberic be too virorous and invade everything?

Scent would be good too - I don't ask for much, do I?

Any other advice gratefully received


Alfred goes really well on a north wall. I also have Alberic but actually am not that impressed with it, but that may be the way it's planted.

I was going to plant alfred up a house wall but a friend gave me a completely different rose. Alfred has lot of scent. Alberic not so much

Hope it helps

Jess is in the Garden

Thanks *rosa* I don't like the look of Alberic as much as Alfred, so that's interesting.

Now I have to patiently wait for the soggy mud patch called my garden to dry out a bit, before I order my bareroot!


I have a garden like that as well

Don'tleave it too late to order, they can be kept before planting for a while. by heeling in




The New Dawn grows in partial shade and so do some of the David Austin roses, like The Generous Gardener and A Shropshire Lad, they are perfumed and they aren't too big. The classic north wall rose is Zephirine Drouhin which is almost thornless, deep pink and perfumed, but it can be prone to disease.


This is my Mme Alfred Carrière. It is a tall rose, perfumed, about 20 years old.

Jess is in the Garden

Thans BL - your photo is great - as is your garden! What a stunning rose.

Does it mind being pruned hard? I love the colour and would like to get one, as I already have a Generous and a Shropshire on a west wall, so wanted something different.

It would also get a lot of sun once it is about 5.5ft high as it would be above fence level and could also use the ceanothus as support, so I'm wondering if it would tolerate absoltely no sun until it reaches that height and if it would then be better to get a vigorous climber/rambler which reaches that height fast...

Disease resistance is important though, as it would be wet shade (though well drained) and I don't fancy spraying all year!

Thank you again

Thanks again.


Thank you. It doesn't mind being pruned hard. Mine usually gets out of control because it's tall and steps go down below it so I can't reach. It grows very long stems, not very prickly. It's fairly disease resistant. I rarely spray, except with soap solution. My rose is in sun though, so I can't answer your other questions.

Is the photo there? It was last night when I sent it, but it's not there this morning. Weird.


I can see the photo Busy-Lizzie. Just wishing I could grow a rose like that.


Heeling in - you dig a shallow trench-like hole or use some old compost in a bag and lay the bare roots in hole, It is not the same as planting. You leave labels, tags etc on them. You can lay out about 2 in a hole. You   then cover the roots with the soil and you can leave them there until soil conditions are better. 

There is a decription I think on either DA or Classic roses web site

I had to do this for some of my roses in the autumn and 2 were only planted out before the snow. It also gives you time to prepare the final planting position thoroughly

Jess is in the Garden

Thanks Rosa.

Agree with Nut - I would give my right arm to have a rose like that in my garden, Busy! Yes, I can still see the photo too.

wow busy lizzie am v jealous!

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