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Is it OK to prune roses anytime during the Winter. I'm talking specifically about modern shrub roses. I didn't get round to doing it during the Autumn and am a bit concerned about damage which might occur to the longish stems if I don't cut them back. I live in the North. Many thanks.


You can cut them any time from now to early spring. If you live in a windy area, it makes sense to cut the long stems off. No need to be too obssesive, just to keep the size down. In early spring, you can look at the shrub again and re-prune more precisely.


I would take them down to a couple of feet and then do more serious pruning in the spring. Having said that, it has been known for me to hard prune my roses when they were brittle with frost!!!

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The advice is to reduce long stems by a third to half to reduce wind resistance and possible root rock.  You then do the full prune in late Feb to early April depending on whereabouts you are and how cold and frosty it is.  Never a good idea to prune frozen wood or when frost is expected as it can lead to damaged tissues and infection and/or die back.


But let’s face it - how often do we do things when we shouldn’t? Normally I do follow the ‘code’ but just sometimes when I’m in the mood or have the time I just do it and take the chance! I’m sure we’ve all been there!

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