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Orchid Lady

This is my climbing rose, which has lots of shoots and hasn't been pruned yet.  To be honest I am a but 'scared' as to what to do, where to cut.

Please but anyone help me with some guidance as to how and where to cut.  I need to try and train it and did start last year but it didn't want to stay where I put it so am going to get a trellis attached to the fence for it.



Difficult to explain in words, but you need to try and train some of the shoots horizontally, then the shoots that come of those horizontal branches should be pruned to 2 or 3 buds; these are the shoots that will flower.

If you leave the branches semi vertical you will only get flowers at the tips.

Once you have a framework the pruning becomes easier in subsequent years.

I hope that makes sense. In practice it is easier than my attempts to explain it.

Orchid Lady

So the big branches sticking up over the fence, should I cut them down?  Then the smaller branches train them sideways? Then cut those down so only 3 of the shoots doing off them are left?  Is that right, I'm so scared of killing it or getting I flowers 

Orchid Lady

I'm confused  I hope shrub roses are easier because I've just bought 4. 

It just seems to have grown so much in the last couple of weeks with loads of shoots and I don't know if they should all stay or some go 


Tracey, could you attach some horizontal wires to your fence using screw-in eyelets?  Then take each long shoot and fan out sideways and tie to a wire, as in Edd's picture. Then prune a few inches off the end of each shoot (branch). Then, as puncdoc says, prune each side shoot that comes off the main ones to 2 or 3 buds.

The big branches that are over the top of the fence will then be tied down sideways to the wires, don't cut them off this year. When the rose gets old in later years you can cut off the oldest worn out ones. Each long branch growing sideways should be covered in short shoots. These will have flowers on them.


Tracy most of those branches still look quite green, they will be flexible so you can gently bend them to laterals. Anything too tough prune out and create a frame as per the above picture, it really isn't difficult, just wear stout gloves, you can do it.

Orchid Lady

Thanks guys, I've had a look on the RHS website too.  Lizzie, I did try putting some wire on, you can just see it at the top of the fence, but I did it wrong and it wouldn't stay, I realise now you've said to use eyelets that this was the reason, I was using a staple gun thing!!! Also,mi should have started at the bottom rather than just trying to secure any old branch!!

I think I understand it now and yes Dave, lots of buds! I realise I've left it a little late but don't actually think it may need that much pruning now, probably more just training.

I will make that my project on the next sunny day and post my results 

Thank you everyone for your patience and Lizzie for replying to my request, all your expertise is much appreciated 

I think you still have time to prune your bush rose quite hard Tracey.I usually take mine down to about 8 inches each on the strong stems, preferably to an outward facing bud. Mine are shooting like crazy and still have a few flowers from a late flourish but this will all be coming off next weekend.


The picture on Edds post is what I was trying to say, but maybe not too well.

If pos. try to do it soon, you need to get a good framework for climbing roses early. Once the shoots are horizontal they will stop growing and the energy is diverted to the side shoots off those stems which will then produce the flowers [ a picture paints 1000 words ! ]


Ivyhouse, that's a climbing rose not a bush, so you wouldn't prune to 8", unless you mean the side shoots that you prune to 2 - 3 buds.

Orchid Lady

Nonsense Punk, it was a big help.  I am going to post a closer pic tomorrow so you can clarify the '3 buds' bit because there are lots of shoots off the main branch and then lots of buds (which I think are the ones that produce the flowers), this is the bit I am unsure about.......not you punk it's me being extremely dim but once I know I won't have to ask again.  I'm going to try cutting and pasting notes/tips tomorrow so I can put them in my book to refer back to 


 Tracey, I've been pruning roses for years, but not always very well! This year I have a metal problem as the roses are shooting and making leaves earlier than usual and I'm having problems cutting them off when they should be cut off. Too soft hearted perhaps, but have to grit teeth and get on with it!

How do you cut off something that looks like this? But you will get better flowers if you do.

When we say 3rd bud it means that is where the leaves grow out. If the bud hasn't started growing you should be able to see a little line, maybe with a slight bump, on the stem where the leaves will start growing. 

Again the photo isn't where I put it, trying to edit, but it won't budge!





Oh dear, I typed "metal" instead of "mental"!

That's a good site, Dove, very clear.

Orchid Lady

Thanks everyone, it's a nice day at the moment so if I get my head town and get some work done I might be able to have an hour in the garden later 


Tracey, my advice was for your shrub roses but I didn't make that too clear. Hope I haven't confused you too much.

Orchid Lady
I understand now Ivy, my bush roses are new so don't need pruning this year but have kept the instructions for future, thanks.

I need to wait until weekend as OH needs to drill into the concrete post to out my eyelets in, I thought there was a vertical wooden post at each end of the fence panel but there isn't and the horizontal part I can screw into are too far apart. Nothing is ever as easy as it first seems. Never mind, it will get done and thanks for all the advice, hints and links to websites.

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