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I intend connecting two garden arches with 100mm x 100mm post with 24mm or 32mm manilla rope swags. The arches are approx 2.2mtr high and 6mtrs apart. One is, recently planted, with climbing rose Penny Lane, 2 off and clematis. The second arch has climbing rose Paul's Scarlet 3yrs old 2 off. Which other roses can I use to adorn the swags and how many? I have though of Rambling Rector and the like but fear thease may be a little too rampant?

I woul love to see your reccomendations.

Regards Brian


Rambling Rector gets enormous. I have a very soft spot for Blush Noisette. New Dawn might also do the job - both are remontant, but might not be the most pleasing choice with Paul's Scarlet adjacent...would be OK with Penny Lane though.


Climbing Iceberg and madame Afred Carriere are two lovely white roses that have flowers that are held on weakish stems so they nod over, and that is an advantage on an arch, where you get a better view of the flowers. Rambling Rector is not only rampant, it is very thorny - not a good thing for an arch that you will walk under. I made the mistake of planting The New Dawn on an arch, and have given myself too many nasty scratches, so it's coming out. Fortunately The New Dawn strikes very easily from cuttings so I will still have this wonderful rose in my garden, but well to the back of a border where I can safely admire it, and glove up well when it comes to pruning time.

Hi figrat, thanks for the suggestions. I was looking at Blush Noisette yesterday the garden centre but was unsure the would travel the distance required considering they have to clime some 7ft before reaching the swags? I have a New Dawn, recently planted, in another location to eventually cover an Arbor so would like something different for the swags. Would Alberic Barbier do the job?


I have two Blush Noisettes over an arch, they can make 15 feet in a year with no problem. It also flowers from May through December here - I have a walled garden in South Devon. Lovely light scent. No problems with rust or blackspot either, but not great as a cutting rose. Not grown Alberic Barbiere, so can't comment from personal experience, but I suppose it depends on what you want...a fragrant climber that will flower well through the season, is disease resistant and provide flowers for indoors as well?  Vote for that would go with New Dawn...I have a couple here, don't find them too vicious thorn wise. Also have a climbing Iceberg, lovely blooms but a tad prone to blackspot.


Hi Gol1locks, oops i hope I haven,t made a mistake with the New Dawn!!! Madame Afred Carriere looks and sound good to me. Its 5mtr+ growth would do the job if I planted one adjacent to each post and let them climb to the swags and train each one towards the centre. Loverly looking flower. Iceberg also looks to foot the bill, my question is, are the stems pliable enough on both, to wraparound rope swags?

Thanks again figrat, my garden in the Gtr Manchester area is open and is prone to some winds at times. I now have three contenders to consider Thanks to all.


Yes, they both have slim flexible stems, which allow them to droop over the top of the arch and flower trusses to hang slightly down.

I planted All That Jazz on a pergola, and it has strong straight stems, which means the rose keeps growing upwards beyond the top of the pergola. Not a good look. It would be much better on a high wall such as on the side of the house. 

Thanks to all, a hunting will will go.

Forgot to say also have 2 Mme Alfred Carrires, vigorous growers ( but not rambling rector rampant!). Growth much more a climber than rambler habit, but sturdy, lovely blooms - though not as many as New Dawn / Blush Noisette.

Figrat, my Climbing Iceberg doesn't have a problem with blackspot, but suffers from mildew because I have grown it up the house wall, which is not the best spot - dry and    not such good air circulation. It would do a lot better on an arch. I may well replace the New Dawn with a Climbing Iceberg - will need some of that Rootgrow to overcome Rose Sickness! 

Don't forget the cardboard box!

To be continued

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