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Is it to late to cut back roses.I havent the heart now that they are sprouting again.

In Scotland we have waited for weather to get better,now roses tall at top,should I leave well alone.Any advice wecome..


1 Florabunda,other not sure.


will this not stop them flowering this year

,and how low should they be cut from ground..


No, it will delay them but not stop them.  But they don't have to be trimmed back every year - if they're not getting too big you could leave them this year. Floribundas don't need heavy pruning anyway.  Just check for any dead-looking or thin and twiggy stems and take them out and leave the rest.  Give them a dose of Blood, Fish and Bone or proprietory rose fertiliser and they'll be fine.

You can always cut them back a bit when you dead-head them, as long as you're careful not to remove buds.

Just remember to do them in March next year. 




Thanks for advice. Roses are my favourite flower.

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