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How much sun does a climbing rose need. Where I would like to plant is on a WNW facing fence (full Sun after 3:30 pm bst) fence is 6 foot high with narrow slats, so a tiny bit of sun through the slats before 3:30

Sara 4

I think it depends on the particular rose.  If you look on the Peter Beales website, it will tell you which climbers are shade tolerant and which have to bask all day, although as far as I know there isn't a hard and fast rule as to what percentage of sun roses like daily on average.  If there is, I hope somebody tells us ...

Here is a picture of the fence (at least i am going to try and upload one)

Of the 6 panels (left to right) so far I have planted

1; Ivy


3; Climbing Rose

4; Winter Jasmine




Any thoughts for 2, 5 & 6


There was a Llanddii hedge there, have dug it out and put in some well rotted cow muck.


Can I suggest that you dig a proper bed along the length of that fence, rather than just plant climbers in holes?.  Your plants will grow so much better in a proper bed with the grass well away from their roots, and you'll have the opportunity to feed and mulch and water properly.

Plants growing in grass like that are almost always poor and stunted as they have to compete with the grass for nutrients and water etc.

A good bed a metre or so wide, with some perennials and climbing plants would look fantastic there 

I have made a bit of a border along the fence (16") Each of the 6 panels had a dustbin full of well rotted cow muck dug in, I have put a landscaping fabric down and there will be gravel on top.

I am already regretting the narrowness of the bed, but hey ho, it's done now


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