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i have a rudabeckia that came to nothing last year. But this year it's already looking bushy and lovely. I like this plant and want to know how to split, take cuttings or do I take seed. What is the best way to create an insurance policy or two?? 


I grew mine from seed but I'm sure it could be divided

Nothing to see this year, I think it may have died


After it has finished flowering in the Autumn, you will see more little rossettes of leaves, little off shoots, cut down and put in pots in a cold greenhouse, they will make new plants ready for next spring

hollie hock

I grew some another rudabeckia from seed last year. I thought they might have died but left some of the not so dead ones in the ground, and now there's a lot of new growth coming through

Thanks all. 


Lyn, do you mean take cuttings or divide from root?? Sorry maybe just me being daft!!


Rudbekias take easily from roots but best by division.   They benefit from regular splitting as they tend to get bare in the centre.

I dig up my clumps in autumn and pot up sections to plant out the following spring.  I find they do best when kept moist

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