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I've got a number of rudbeckia and Echinacea plants and have been trying to put them in clumps but I now can't tell which is which. Is there any way to tell them apart before they flower?



I think Echinacea has a single serrated leaf and rudbeckia is lobed with 3 to 7 segments. If that helps.


I'm not sure you can, the leaves are similar, the flower stems on rudbeckia tend to be taller


Unfortunately rudbeckia can have a single leaf too so i am not much help. sorry to confuse things.



Thanks for all these. I have some known echinacea and some known rudbeckia and they basically look the same with similar leaves.  However thanks to your helpful link I can see that the echinacea purpurea has pinkish stem bases while the rudbeckia does not. Unfortunately the echinacea white swan does not as I have some of those that are known. Hopefully I've got them all sorted now. Thanks!

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