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Hi we have two Rudbeckia plants that we purchased earlier this summer to provide that splash of colour during this time of the year. We live in the North West of the UK in Lancs, What do we need to do to ensure the plants will return next year.  Any help would be great. The garden is South facing but is quite open and gets winds from off the moors.  

What sort of rudbeckias are they? Some are annuals. A poplar variety is Goldsturn which is very hardy and flowers in late august onwards. Mine are still flowering. In my experience they need some moisture to do well and stand up to wind etc. I mulch mine in the spring after a feed. Because they are late into growth I plant astilbes and dicentra spectabilis around them as thy all enjoy similar conditions. Hope this helps
Noticing your thread heading, are these rudbeckias in planters? Perhaps they are annuals?? Perennials better in the ground

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