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As the title really. I bought some as reduced plants from the garden centre last year, after they had finished flowering. They were put straight in the flower bed. Nothing to be seen yet. Should I be worried?


Mine haven't appeared yet, so i wouldn't worry yet.  Sometimes the plants that flower later are the last to shoot

Mark 499

Depends, some Rudbeckias are annuals others perennials, the ones in my garden have remained green all winter due to the mild weather.

Mine  have leaves on and are about 3" high, in north Yorkshire.



do you know what they were? as Mark says, some are annuals.

It wouldn't be very honest to sell annuals at the end of the season but there's a lot of ignorance about in GCs


Stacey Docherty

Mine are all sprouting!!! Ssooorreeeeee ( I'm berkshire)

They were definitely perennials. Some very tall varieties and other middle sized ones. I guess I have nothing to lose if I just wait and see. That is the risk you take buying reject plants I guess and I have been a winner with everything else. We are in Wiltshire by the way and has been pretty mild here. Everything else seems to be getting going.


There's not much to see of my 'Goldsturm' and I haven't noticed laciniata yet. I'll have a look tomorrow to see what's there.

I did not look at all of them today but one of the bigger ones now has some shoots so there is hope yet!

Well, I was obviously being a bit impatient. They all shooting now. I have moved them in to the new bed but not split them as they appear not to have done much since I planted them at the end of last summer. I am looking forward to them growing, especially the very tall ones. I have never had rudbeckia before.

muddy mare

I managed to grow some from seed a year ago and have potted them on now im so excited and cant wait to plant out they are looking realy healthy so fingers crossed


I have some seed going in the greenhouse too. I bet you are chomping at the bit to get yours in the ground, it is such a long wait for perennials from seed.

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