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I've left a few pods on these runners, hoping to save some seed to plant next year.  I am still waiting for the pods to turn brown, and I want to use the large pot they are in for tulips.  I had a peep inside one of the pods and there are some very plump white beans inside.  Do I pick them now and dry them off  in the shed?

 The pods are a sort of greeny/black/brown.

As long as there is plenty of air circulation around them they will dry off. Dont bunch them though or they will rot.


Can you move the pot into the shed so that they ripen 'on the vine'?  Get some help so you don't put your back out!!!

I would harvest now before they rot and dry the beans indoors. I collected the last of my Moonlight pods yesterday which hopefully will give me plenty of seed for next year.

Thanks for the replies!  Dove, it's a large pot and a small shed, so I don't think that's possible    So I will have to remove the pods from the vine.  Would it be better to dry them off indoors, rather than in the shed?



I think the shed will be fine, as long as it's dry. 


Yes, the seeds of white flowered beans are white, but the pods should be brown and a bit papery when the seeds are ripe, don't you think?


I have grown those before, but this year i grew Firestorm, turns out it won the AGM , RHS award, they were fantastic.

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