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Does anyone grow this shrub. I was thinking about growing it in the dry shade under the Beech trees, I thought the berries might look good.


I haven't grown that one Punkdoc. I've got something similar which I bought unseen as Butcher's Broom, expecting the ruscus. When it got here it was Danae racemosa.

I think the ruscus will grow in dry shade though, that's where I was going to grow it. I shall have to try again. Have you found a good source.

I like the danae but I'd still like the ruscus


Hi nut, I have only found 1 so far and thats Burncoose, so I am reluctant due to their high prices and postage charges. I dont know Danae, so  I shall look at that too.

I like the Danae racemosa, I haven't grown that. Does it do much in way of berries, Nut?


Yes, Burncoose are a bit expensive, I've never bought from them. I'd really like the ruscus, maybe one of the native plant growers will have one.

Danae racemosa is  very nice though

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