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I am looking for a plant to have as a feature in my front garden and have taken a liking to the salix caprea kilmarnock that are in asda. Can anyone tell me how tall they grow and how fast? I have found out on Wikipedia that they are grafted. Does this mean that they won't grow any taller than they are now?  Sorry to sound so ignorant but I'm a complete novice when it comes to the garden!


They get a bit bigger Pauline because the new stems go up as well as out and down, if that makes sense. I had a group of three at the edge of a pond in a previous garden which had been there a long time. I'd say they were about 5' high and  about 4' wide, they'd been closely planted so would have been wider if they'd been spaced out more.  If I can find a photo I'll post it 


We've one in our garden that has been here longer than we have - so it must be at least 15 years old.  It is about 5 foot high and the same wide.  Very pretty tree, but needs a bit of thinning out every now and then so it doesn't get too congested.


This is the only one I could find - they're in the top left corner of the pic ( inside the 'corner' created by the posts ) above the little statue in the pond.


Thanks Rosie 31 & Fairygirl I am seriously considering getting one, it will fit without overpowering the garden. Fairygirl... what a beautiful garden!!! 



...isn't that just a stunning garden photo with the pond, the conifers and those concrete or stone pillars by the gate, gives it a very Scottish or Northern feel to it... absolutely superb...

...those Kilmarnock Willows have been reduced in my local Asda, I think to £3.50 or somesuch, if you want to get in quick...  I also notice they've got nice Rosemary and Lavender angustifolia for just £2...  sometimes I think it's not worth growing from cuttings... but I don't like the way they undercut the garden centres and nurseries so much.... something not quite right there...


Fairy, I didn't know you had a lovely garden like that

They have not been reduced in my asda yet,Salino, still a tenner, but will keep looking.

Ashleigh 2

Loving your garden Fairy, any more photo's? 

Impressive fairy.  Bet ??ou used your magic powers though   Think I'd better take more notice of you in future..ha ha

There are a few other different varieties which are small but these two flower red/pink rather than kilmarnock that normally flowers yellow. One is salix integra and the other   one is salix flamingo I don't know how much your looking to spend but if you look round you can get them fairly cheap.


Kilmarnock Willows in Wilkinsons yesterday - can't remember for how much but they were really cheap and looked lovely healthy little trees.  


Thanks for the kind comments but I no longer live there. I can't take credit for a lot of what you see in terms of the pond and the planting - it had been there a long time. We did the renovation round the pond, laying a path so that we could actually walk along the side of it (the gravel areas and stone seat etc) and a lot of clearing , pruning and tidying! The stone gateposts Salino mentioned were invisible, which was a great pity as they had the name of the house on them. The hedge had been planted far too close to them so there was a limit to what we could do with it.

Verd - I'd have needed more than a wand to fix what was wrong when I was there, and I don't mean the garden 

I have decided to go for the salix caprea kilmarnock for my garden, but not quite ready to plant it yet. If I bought one would I be able to keep it in the pot that it comes in or re-pot it into a larger pot until I am ready to plant it in the garden.


it should be fine in that pot for a little while as long as its kept watered. If its going to be a few months I would say repot into some John Innes no.3 Compost.


Shouldn't be too long (weather permitting) I just need to be able to cut the grass and remove a patch of the grass to make a bed for it. I intend to put some wild flower seeds round the bottom of it. Is that a good idea?


as long as the wildflowers are not too aggressive (as they will compete for moisture/nutrients) then it should be fine Pauline

Jim Macd

Matt, if wildflowers were aggressive, you'd be calling them weeds.


good point xD

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