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I have this pretty little willow tree.  It's about 5' high and has some leafy stems growing from near the base.  I wondered if these could be used for propagation, and if so, how?  How fast a grower is it?  I've only had mine four months.


Is it grafted? If it is you may get what it's been grafted onto.


Ha ha nut!  Yes it is - hadn't thought of that!


Is it one of the  lollipop-type standards?  If so it will have been grafted so shoots coming from the base will be suckers and should be removed.

But most salix root easily in damp soil - if you want to propagate the pretty growth then a few twigs stuck into the ground in a quiet corner of the garden will be likely to root.  Remember where they are!  

Yes Dove, it is.  Will remove suckers forthwith.  Do you know how long any cuttings take to grow, and would they need to be grafted to something else to get the lollipop shape?


You should be able to take cuttings from it.  Often these are sold on their own rootstock anyway as normal shrubs.  I will try some myself later but I am confident

(cuttings from the grafted/top of the plant. Any suckers will simply re-produce the rootstock)


I presume that they're grafted onto a salix that will give a quickly growing sturdy straight stem for the standard.  

On it's own roots Salix integra hakuru nishiki grows as a dwarf bush.  

........and, as a bush on its own rootstock it's a lovely plant for partial shade.


I prefer them like that Verdun - not overkeen on them as a standard myself.


Will I get thrown out if I say I don't like these short of chlorophyll, sick looking mutants?

No nut, your advice is too valuable for that 


Thanks happycottontail

Dove, for me the standard was ideal, as I have placed it in front of a gap above the boundary fence to provide screening from the neighbours' chidrens' play equipment.


Then it's perfect for you Happycottontail  

There are only a few variegated plants I really like (sorry Verdun ), and like Nut I'm not keen on the pink and white salix, but if I had to have one I'd prefer the bush to the standard - but it takes all sorts to make a world and it's a good job we're not all alike.


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