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I have a Salix Integra which is looking rather poor at the moment, the leaves are starting to fall off and it is starting to look a bit sparce. Any advice.


We'd need to know a bit more about it to be of any help - where is it planted, what sort of soil, how old is it, what else is planted near it, sun or shade, what's the weather been like where you are, and a photo would be useful.

I bought it about 2 months ago. We have a very heavy clay soil but I dug very deep with additives of clay improver good quality soil that I bought and to finish it off ,compost.It is planted by a fence we have nothing planted directly next to it but next door neighbour has shrubs on other side of fence. I live in Essex so now it has stopped raining it gets about 7 hours sun. Some of the leaves have turned whitish and stiff.


My initial thoughts are that this is simply transplant shock and that by next year you'll have a healthy plant.  It's working hard to establish a good root system, so the leaves are suffering.  But most salix are fairly tough and you appear to have done all the right things.  Just make sure that now the monsoon has stopped for the time being, it doesn't get too dry.  You won't have to water it every year but this is it's first year and you'll need to keep an eye on it.  

Don't worry, I think it'll be fine 

Many thanks for your advice I will do what you say and keep you informed.

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