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Sunshine Smiler
Someone gave me some Salvia Turkestanica plants last year, they were fabulous and I want to grow them again this year. They're described as 'perenniel or biennial' when I've looked on-line and I'm not sure whether I need to do anything for them to grow again this year. I'd be very grateful if anyone could advise me. Thank you

If you've got a good clump of leaves you'll get flowers this year, if you can't see anything they were probably biennial. They're 99% biennial for me.

Sunshine Smiler
I have got leaves, so I'll watch and wait. Thank you ????
Sunshine Smiler
Do they self seed or should I resow of they're biennial?

Don't grow this now but I used to let it grow but not flower in its first year and then, for me anyway, it would flower for a couple of years.  best as an biennial I think....viz., to grow for flowering the following year.  so many better salvias available 



They do self seed. I haven't got them but someone I know has and he says he now has too many!

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